doterra2The AromaTouch Technique (ATT)
Essential oils are used to reduce and eliminate the impact of systemic constants on your overall health. Applying them with the AromaTouch Technique has been shown to help enhance systemic benefits and increase feelings of overall health and well-being. Environmental factors have a negative impact on overall health and well-being, disturbing homeostasis – the balance our bodies need to function optimally. Such challenges, even when they do not immediately result in disease, cause our bodies to function below optimal levels. At Healing Hands Wellness Center, we only use doTerra essential oils for our massages. We invite you to learn more about doTerra products.

Aromatherapy Massage
essentialoilsDue to their natural molecular composition, essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and can be safely applied topically. Application of essential oils can have immediate, localized benefit to the target area of application. They have restorative and calming properties and can be used effff ectively with massage and beauty therapy. Your massage therapist can add aromatherapy to any massage. At Healing Hands, we use doTerra products. Some of our favorites are Lavender, Breathe, Serenity, On Guard, AromaTouch, Citrus Bliss, Past Tense, Balance, Deep Blue and Elevation. Watch the informational video below. Click here to learn more about these therapeutic grade essential oils and to order your own oils. If you’d like to learn more, there are lots of informational videos available here.

Man and woman relaxing in spa.Swedish Massage
Your massage therapist will use massage oils to facilitate smooth, gliding strokes called effleurage. Other classic Swedish massage moves include kneading, friction, stretching and (sometimes) tapping. Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits. Feel free to state your preference for pressure during Swedish massage. It can range from light to firm. Swedish massage usually includes some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders. Some of the strokes used are the same as in classic massage therapy, but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

Transformational Bodywork (Healing Energy Massage)
Transformational bodywork is integrating physical and emotional body experience. So many tensions and discomforts have their origin on energetic and emotional levels. Gently releasing the tension on that level while experiencing massage, pointwork and other modalities fused into one, will release not only tension, but will explore and release the causes. So many times we carry energetic and emotional tension behind our aching muscles. Through injuries or chronic illnesses we unconsciously try to sabotage ourselves. Transformational Bodywork uses regular massage as well as intuitive healing techniques to release these tensions. The result is a deepening and lengthening of your relaxation experience and a new hope in wanting to move past existing limitations. This basic approach has been found to help in a variety of circumstances:

  • decreasing recovery time in sports and athletic injuries
  • removing blockages that prevent us from further challenging ourselves
  • chronic tension and stress patterns
  • pregnancy and postpartum issues
  • eliminating emotional holding patterns and physical traumas
  • improved sense of well-being

Sports Massage
Athletes, triathletes and cyclists will find relief through physical massage and energy releases incorporated to help them break through physical/energetic barriers improving their performance.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu massage uses accupressure techniques which are applied with hands, thumbs, elbows and knees. The acupressure technique has its roots from the acupuncture therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The oriental medicine philosophy says that the main cause of diseases is in the unbalanced chi in the body. Shiatsu massage is used to reach the harmony of chi.

Passive Stretching
seniorsPassive stretching is also referred to as relaxed stretching, and as static-passive stretching. A passive stretch is one where you assume a position and hold it with some other part of your body, or with the assistance of your massage therapist. Slow, relaxed stretching is useful in relieving spasms in muscles that are healing after an injury.

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